staying in school| SUPPORT OUR MISSION Through our services, lives are enriched which benefits us all Youth that are... are preparing to add to the character of our nation tomorrow Young leaders in their homes, schools, and communities now

Goals for Our Youth

We are working to make sure our youth:

  • Remain free from involvement in teen pregnancy

  • Remain free from involvement in juvenile court

  • Remain in school

  • Promote to the next grade level


we have Youth who are…

  • In school

  • Advancing to their next grade level

  • Teen pregnancy free

  • No involvement in juvenile court

  • Active in their community

  • Have the life skills to become active and responsible members of society

Factors That Influence Youth

There are many factors that can influence a young person. A child, whose parents are not actively involved in their lives, will face many difficulties growing up. With no parents, the child relies on society, community, media, or even another family to teach them life skills.

Why we do it:

Recognizing the impact of parental involvement, Project Reclaim intensifies our parental engagement emphasis through our parent component P.A.C.T. (Parents and Children Together).

In 2018, School Psychology Quarterly published an article that conducted a study concerning 8th Grader’s and their mental health difficulties, especially concerning suicidal thoughts and behaviors. They found “when parents are highly involved in their students’ education by helping them with homework and communicating high academic expectations, they provide adolescents with a consistent message between the home and school. This creates a supportive home environment that may foster positive emotional development and reduce the risk of adolescent mental health problems.”

(“Does parental involvement matter for students’ mental health in middle school?”
By: Wang, Cixin, La Salle, Tamika P., Do, Kieu Anh, Wu, Chaorong, Sullivan, Kathryn E.)

This is where we come in. We must foster that supportive environment for our students so that we can nurture their growth into responsible adults. Like every child, we understand that love and stability is key for healthy emotional and mental development.

What we do:

Youth Leadership Institute Training

Social Skills Development

Optimal Potential Life Skills Training

Academic And Behavioral Follow Up And Intervention

Service Learning

Parent Education/Case Management

“Know How To Go” Higher Education Prep

Workplace Readiness Training

CC READY Life Skills Class (Juvenile Court)


Identify and overcome life’s obstacles

Enhance self esteem and self concept

Develop pride and confidence

Become contributors to the community

Life Skills:

Maximizing Your Potential
Interviewing Techniques

Dealing with Difficult Situations
Understanding Empathy
A Student Code of Ethics
“What Is Cool?”
Impulse Control
Ethical Behavior

By accepting nomination, students must meet the following criteria to maintain membership:

  • Maintain at least a C average
  • Behave properly (during school as well as in Project Reclaim)
  • Demonstrate leadership skills
  • Be respectful to staff, peers, and SELF
  • Actively participate in group discussion/activities
  • Get along well with other members
  • Be proactive

Criteria for the Program:

Selected students participate in activities focused on further development of leadership skills. Student selection is based on behavior and leadership qualities and may be selected based on some of the following criteria:

  • Third through eighth graders
  • Disrespectful conduct in the academic setting
  • Disruptive behavior
  • Performing below academic potential
  • Lack of parental support
  • High crime neighborhood
  • A need for additional support systems and structure