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Refer a student to Project Reclaim.
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    Project Reclaim is here for you and your family. If there is a child in your family (or a child you know) that you feel we can help, please complete this form. We are very good at keeping kids motivated, engaged and focused on their future! We will be back with you very soon.
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It is a pleasure and privilege to share with others my faith and belief in the importance of the outcomes that Project Reclaim is getting with the youth it serves!
One of the key legacies that any community and program can leave is our next generation of leaders! Mr. Ron Anderson of Project Reclaim is unequaled in his dedication, passion, love and belief in the young men, women and families he serves.
His outcomes are measurable and unparalleled!
I so appreciate the opportunity to support Project Reclaim!
George French III

I believe in Project Reclaim and Ron Anderson. I support this cause enthusiastically with my time and money.
Mike Woodard